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Feeling nuts: Hugh Jackman helps spread awareness about testicular cancer

Written by Pavitra Sampath |Updated : October 7, 2014 1:13 PM IST

Hugh Jackman feeling nutsRecently, Hugh Jackman took the feelingnuts challenge helping the entire awareness campaign spread like wild fire. What is it, you ask? Well, while you've probably heard of the Ice Bucket challenge for ALS, the Bang Bang dare just because Hrithik Roshan told us and the Rice Bucket challenge to help the needy, this all new challenge is aimed at creating awareness about testicular cancer. Yup, this challenge is devised and promoted by the UK-based testicular cancer awareness group Check One Two to help men find early signs of testicular cancer by doing a self examination.

What did Hugh Jackman do?

The actor took a slow motion video of himself holding his testis and jumping up in the air. While the challenge had not gathered too much steam when it was first started, the extremely fit and hunky actor gave the entire campaign a star-powered boost. Here's the video of the actor completing the challenge.

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What does the challenge entail?

To do the challenge men have to hold their testis and take a picture of themselves in the most innovative way they can. While this might seem a bit funny and, in some cases, even slightly perverse, it is definitely a way to help get both the disease and the cause noticed.

What is testicular cancer and why do men need to be more aware of it?

As the name suggests, testicular cancer is a type of cancer that is seen in the testis of men (the male reproductive glands). A cancer that can be easily treated if caught early, testicular cancer often goes unnoticed since men either do not notice any changes or tend to ignore them due to the stigma attached to visiting a doctor for a condition relating to one's reproductive organs.

What causes it?

There are a number of causes that can lead to this cancer, but some of the most common ones are hereditary predisposition to the cancer, exposure to certain chemicals, having un-descended testis or abnormally developed testis.

How can you do a self-examination

A self-examination of the testis should be done on a regular basis, and it is especially important for those men who have un-descended testis, have a family history of the cancer or have had a past testicular tumour. Experts suggest that these people should do a self-exam at least once a month since they are at a higher risk of suffering from the cancer. Here's how you can do it.

  • The best time to do a testicular self exam is either during or right after you have had a bath as this is when the testis are relaxed and fully descended.
  • stand with your legs apart and gently cup your scrotal sac.
  • Now hold one testis with one hand and use the other hand to gently feel around the testis for any lumps or changes. Remember that when you are feeling your scrotal sac you will feel a spongy structure that is shaped like a ball, this you testis do not mistake this for a tumour. Any other growth other than this must be investigated immediately.
  • Follow the same procedure for your other testis.

If you notice a lump or mass, please visit your doctor. Also, if you notice any change in the size or shape of your testis it is important that you visit your doctor to get tested.

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