Feel blue often? Take a stroll in the early morning sun!

Do you often feel low and depressed? There's an easy way to beat these blues! Simply bask in some sun. According to the study conducted at the Oregon State University, there is a relationship between low levels of vitamin D and depression in healthy young women. (Read: Basking in the sun must for old folks to prevent age related diseases)

What does the study say?

Clinically significant depressive symptoms are often exhibited in young women with low levels of vitamin D. David Kerr, lead author of the study explains that depression has multiple powerful causes and vitamin D plays a very small part.

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What is the importance of vitamin D?

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for bone health and muscle function, and its deficiency has been associated with impaired immune function, some forms of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Adrian Gombart, associate professor of biochemistry and biophysics from the University, believes that people assume based on popular beliefs that depression and change of season are linked. (Read: 12 health risks of Vitamin D deficiency)

How was the study conducted?

The study was conducted on 185 college going women between the ages 18-25. Blood samples were analysed for vitamin D levels, and each candidate participated in a depression symptom survey for five weeks.

What did the study conclude?

More than a third of the participants reported clinically significant depressive symptoms each week over the course of the study. Kerr concluded that vitamin D supplements are good for overall health. And as they are easily available, they should not be a replacement for treating depression. (Read: Basking in the sun must for old folks to prevent age related diseases)

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