Father wants to sell kidneys to save obese children

Una (Gujarat), Apr. 19: A father of four in the Vajdi Village of the Una Tehsil in Gujarat is planning to sell his kidney in order to raise funds for the treatment of his three morbidly obese children. I have four kids... The eldest child is completely normal. But the three children after her, Yogita, Amisha and Harsh, suffer from obesity. Amisha is five years old and her weight is 32 kilograms, Yogita is four years old and her weight is 45 kilos, while Harsh is a year and half old and weighs 15 kilos, Rameshbhai Prajapati, the father, told ANI. (Read: 6 expert tips to prevent obesity)

We went to the doctor and got medicines but nothing could improve their health. Today, I going through a situation where it has become difficult for me to take care of my children, he added. According to reports, local doctors believe that the three children suffer from the rare genetic condition, Prader Willi Syndrome, can cause a constant desire to eat food. (Read: Does your kid need to lose weight?)

Source: ANI

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