Could a fat controlling protein help weight loss?

New York, Dec 14: A study published in the journal Cell Reports has revealed a protein called Maf1 involved in the process of synthesis of other proteins capable of controlling fat levels. The role of this protein has been studied in worms before but a similar kind of protein that exists in humans could help regulate protein production, suggesting its role in fat control. (Read: 8 foods to help you lose belly fat)

How does the protein work?

For the study, researchers altered the amount of Maf1 protein in C. elegans, a transparent worm often used as a model organism in research. It was found that addition of a single extra copy of the Maf1 gene lowered stored lipids in the worm by 34 percent. Lowering the levels of Maf1 shooted stored lipids by 94 percent. 'No one really looked at its effect on the whole organism before,' Curran said. (Read: 5 habits that are making you fat!)

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What next?

'A protein with such a function would offer a new target for pharmaceuticals to regulate fat,' said corresponding author Sean Curran, assistant professor at University of Southern California Davis. 'We have known about Maf1 for over a decade, but so far people have only studied it in single cells, where it is known to regulate protein synthesis,' Curran added. (Read: Here s how you can lose weight, reduce belly fat in 20 ways, in 20 days)

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