Facebook helps women come along to discuss thyroid troubles

Facebook helps women talk about thyroid

Who says social media is just for fun? It is more than that. Recently, the Indian Woman's Club Online organized an online discussion on homeopathy and thyroid which saw many enthusiastic women participate and get answers to their queries on thyroid troubles in an interactive and convenient way. The event saw Dr Bhavi Mody from Vrudhi Homeopathic and Wellness Centre, acting as the host of the online event, throwing some light on thyroid issues that aren't much talked about. Here are some interesting things we picked up at the event:

You don't need iodised salt if you suffer from hypothyroidism

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Iodine is an important element which helps in production of the thyroid hormones namely, the T3 (triiodothyronine), and T4 (thyroxine), but the human body doesn't produce or make iodine, hence it is important for us to get it through our diet or other external sources. Apart from food, one can also use iodised salt to up one's iodine intake. However, iodised salt isn't recommended for people suffering from hypothyroidism. In hypothyroidism, the thyroid hormones are already in excess within the body, and an overdose of iodine isn't going to help the endocrine system much. 'Instead switch to natural sea salt, as even after suffering from hypothyroidism you would still need adequate amount of salt in your diet,' says Bhavi. Read Thyroid diseases - types, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Thyroid problems are more common in women than in men

It is seen that 1 in every 50 women and 1 in every 1000 men develop hypothyroidism at one point of time in their life.

Stress can aggravate thyroid problems to a great extent

Stress has always been blamed for being a major contributor of various illness and lifestyle diseases. But did you know that it affects the endocrine system the most, making the hormonal functions of the body go haywire? Thyroid, the most important gland of the system has to pay most gravelyl f your stressful life.

Stress prompts the brain to release CRH (corticotrophin-releasing hormone). This hormone initiates the pituitary gland to release more of thyroid stimulating hormone or the TSH. This helps in production of T3 and T4 hormones. However, the TSH also initiates the adrenal glands to make cortisol. Now higher level of cortisol and CRH in the body affects the functioning of TSH by inhibiting its action. One major role of TSH is to convert T4 into T3, which is used by every cell of the body for proper functioning and various metabolic purposes. Decrease in T3 but excess of the thyroid hormones in the system gives rise to hypothyroidism with symptoms like, fatigue, sluggishness, cold intolerance, weight gain, memory loss, poor concentration, depression, infertility to name a few. Remember hypothyroidism is a silent condition and that's why a thyroid diagnosis often takes people off-guard. 'If you suffer from chronic stress it is better to get your thyroid checked as it can help you with a timely treatment,' says Bhavi. Read 10 common causes of thyroid imbalance.

Thyroid problems can strike during pregnancy and postpartum

Anyone can develop thyroid problems even if you never had thyroid issues prior to pregnancy. Hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy and postpartum can alter the functioning of thyroid hormones too. 'It is better to check one's thyroid profile during pregnancy and postpartum as these are the likely times when one might experience troubles with thyroid. Low thyroid levels during pregnancy can lead to mental retardation in the fetus. However, it is possible to have a safe pregnancy and lactation period with proper medication and help. Apart from conventional medicines you can opt for a homeopathic treatment during pregnancy and postpartum as it is effective and safe,' says Bhavi. Read Thyroid problems during pregnancy - 5 facts you should know.

Thyroid affects one's menstrual cycle too

Thyroid hormones are responsible for the functioning of other organs and hormones in the body. 'Dysfunction of thyroid or hypothyroidism can also affect the reproductive system of a woman and mess up with the female hormones. This can in turn lead to heavy periods or other related problems with a woman's menstruation,' says Bhavi.

Homeopathy is a safe way to treat thyroid problems

'Homeopathy acts on the PNE or psycho-neuro-endocrine axis. Due to this line of action it sets the internal mechanism straight and helps the body from within to set the workings of the hormones in the right manner. Homeopathy also helps in alleviating stress. It takes into consideration the mental and physical aspect and helps to heal both the mind and the body,' says Bhavi.

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