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Eye donation is the need of the hour

Know why eye donation is important.

Donating an eye is equivalent to being the vision for someone, providing a ray of light in their darkness. Over 15 million people in India are blinded and 75% out of which suffer from corneal blindness could have regained their visions only if the crisis of donors and myths of donation were avoidable.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : September 14, 2018 3:43 PM IST

Sankara Eye Foundation organised a felicitation programme of the sight ambassadors. The 33rd Eye Donation Fortnight was celebrated to encourage more donors to come up which in turn lights up the lives of many patients in need.

The discussion revolves around the learning and understanding of the social barriers regarding eye donation and how the Heroes without capes are bringing hope in the lives of many. Also involving the interaction with the recipient beneficiaries and getting an insight about the transformation after the donation.

Among the eminent guests, renowned classical dancer/movie actress Vidhushi Yamuna Srinidhi, expressed "Every day we come across so many heroes in disguise, who help the less privileged ones in various ways. I know it is certainly the most elevating feeling to gift an organ. Isn't it an immense feeling to be the eyesight for a person in need. I request everyone present here to acknowledge the importance of donation and come forward to make a huge difference."

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Rtd Dr MV Ravikumar, The Honourable Chairman of Cataract - Rotary International District, shared his views on eye donation "What is all the beauty in the world without an eyesight. Ever thought about the black void they are merely existing in; the diverse colours, the magnificent sceneries are all in vain. Eye Donation is possible before death and every person is capable of seeing the world with one eye, so I insist everybody amongst us to rise above and donate the beautiful gift of eyesight and be the streak of hope in the lives of many," he said.

So, take a pledge to donate your eyes to those in need and help them to get back their vision. As, eye donation is one of the noble cause which can light up the lives of many. Just get going today!

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