Navratri - Expert tips for fasting during pregnancy

Follow these tips from our expert if you are planning to fast during pregnancy.

The most important custom during Navratri is fasting. The concept of fasting for pregnant women is debatable and many health care providers raise an eyebrow when asked about it. Women in their first trimester or in their third trimester should avoid fasting, but in case you want to fast, you may consult your doctor in this regard.

The rules of fasting during Navaratri are not so hard & fast and it allows for consumption of healthy food at appropriate intervals. Hence, it may work for most women even in their pregnancy, however, it is important that they remember not to go hungry for long intervals as the baby is completely dependent on them for nutrition. It is not advisable to fast during the pregnancy at all, however, if you really want to fast, it is important to keep these tips in mind and adhere to them strictly, suggests Dr Rita Bakshi, Chairperson, International Fertility Centre.

Drink plenty of water. The baby depends completely on you for all nutrition needs. Water fast at this stage can cause major harm to you and the baby both, by dehydrating you.

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Consult a doctor. Do not fast without consulting your doctor. While some pregnancies might be easier, there are others where any little stress may raise complications. It is a good idea to refrain from fasting in the first and third trimester, but fasting in the second trimester too, consult your doctor and do it only if they give a green signal. Also read about pregnancy week-by-week guide what to expect.

Refrain from starving. Choose healthier food options and refrain from starving. At regular intervals eat fruits or other nutrient rich foods that are allowed in the fast. Starvation or going hungry for long hours may lead to weakness, anaemia, fatigue, acidity, and headaches which further on can interfere with the well being of the unborn child.

Choose healthy food. Fast during Navratris sometimes turn into feasts where people freely eat a lot of oily and deep fried food. If you are pregnant refrain from doing this. Choose healthy options like milk, fresh fruits, and dried fruits and nuts that would keep you full and nourished without causing acidity or other digestion problems. Here is the ultimate pregnancy diet guide what to eat and how.

Salt is essential. There are people who go for no salt fasts, but for pregnant women cutting salt out completely might lead to weakness. Consume rock salt or sendha salt to ensure no bad impacts on you and your baby s health.

Take rest. It is easy to get carried away with the festivities of the season. Recognize the signs of exhaustion and do not ignore them at any cost. Take rest, as getting adequate sleep is a must, especially if you are fasting during pregnancy.

While it is important to include yourself in the festivities of the season and not isolate yourself, just because you are pregnant, you must do it properly. Fast if you are healthy, fast if your body can deal with it, and most importantly fast only if your doctor gives you a resounding yes . Here are few things you should say No to when pregnant!

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