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Enrique Iglesias and other celebs talk about safe sex at MTV EMA

Written by Editorial Team |Published : November 22, 2014 1:20 PM IST

Celebrities, including global pop superstar, Enrique Iglesias and Knight Rider legend David Hasselhoff ditched talking music for talking sex backstage at the 2014 MTV EMA, highlighting the need for young people to be open about safe sex and in turn joining the Someone Like Me movement.

Iglesias and Hasselhoff led the charge on safe sex, discussing how their lives have been personally affected by STIs such as HIV. Speaking openly and honestly, Iglesias revealed, 'It's important, younger kids should take it seriously and have safe sex.'

Crazy sex myths

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The stars empathised with young adults navigating their early sex lives, including the confusing and sometimes contradictory messages about sex they receive from their peer groups that Someone Like Me has set out to counter. All of the stars that spoke with Someone Like Me shared the 'craziest sex myth' they heard when they were younger, which included, Spanish singer- songwriter Enrique Iglesias who revealed he heard 'you can get pregnant through oral sex.' Whilst TV Star Vicky Pattison, who shot to fame in British reality show Geordie Shore, used to believe, 'you can get pregnant from a toilet seat.'

Indo-Canadian YouTube sensation Lilly Singh, known as Superwoman, speaking on behalf of Viacom Velocity, stressed the importance of opening up a dialogue between generations, urging parents and teachers to be open and frank with their children and students. 'It's naive. It needs to be discussed a lot more, especially as a South Asian. It needs to be discussed in the South Asian community. Parents talk to your kids, kids talk to your parents. Having that open dialogue is something we could really use in this day and age.' Lilly Singh, Superwoman.

The unifying message from the night was on the importance of condom usage and education on the facts around sexual health. This, the stars agreed will empower young people to prevent not just HIV and STIs but the confusion and uncertainty the stars once felt and many others feel today.

Someone Like Me is a global social movement created by Durex and the MTV Staying Alive Foundation that provides a stage for young people to talk about sex more openly, debunking the myths and stigma that can often provide a barrier to happier, healthier, more respectful sex lives.

Here is the video:

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Video source: Someonelikeme/YouTube

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