Enhanced cleavage = increased confidence?

Cleavage-confidentBritish scientists have measured the effect an enhanced cleavage has on confidence - and found there is a direct link, the Daily Mail reported. The unique study, led by scientists at Manchester University proves for the first time the clear connection between a cleavage-enhancing bra and increased confidence -- prompting the study lead professor Geoff Beattie to call for a stop to "unnecessary boob jobs". The study involved scrutinising the behaviours of non-surgically enhanced women in push-up bras to monitor if bigger cleavage gave a significant confidence boost.

A total of 60 video recordings were made of female participants aged 20 to 55. Footage was compared of them wearing a push-up bra and wearing their own normal, everyday bra. Beattie and his team analysed the three key micro-behaviours associated with confidence and observed their frequency within the recordings. Smiling - which represents positive emotion and signals confidence increased dramatically by 73 percent when the women were wearing a push-up bra. Averting gaze and breaking eye contact - normally associated with low confidence - decreased by 41 percent, the Mail said Tuesday.

Source: IANS

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