Ebola in US: Indian American physician leads New York's Ebola response team

After another doctor in the US tested positive for Ebola, Dr. Ramanathan Raju, an eminent Indian American physician, was appointed to lead New York's medical response team to tackle the disease. Chennai-native Raju is a respected physician who has led some of the U.S.' largest and most complex health care systems. Mayor Bill de Blasio has appointed him as New York City's Commissioner of Health and Hospitals Corporation, a network which has a dozen hospitals, earlier this year.

The mayor acknowledged the Indian American doctor for his leadership, and making the Bellevue hospital and Ebola-ready. Bellevue Hospital is one of eight New York State hospitals that Governor Andrew Cuomo has designated to treat Ebola patients. After Craig Spencer, 33, a doctor who treated Ebola patients in Guinea, was tested positive for Ebola, he was hospitalized in isolation of the Bellevue hospital. (Read: Ebola in US: American doctor free of Ebola)

Addressing reporters, Raju said that in his 30 years of working in the health care field, he has never seen such unprecedented collaboration between agencies. He said that health care personnel were well trained and they successfully took spencer from the community to the isolation ward without any difficulty or panic. Noting that collaboration and practice works, Raju said he is confident that the Ebola patient will get excellent care'.(Read:Ebola in US: Dallas marks the end of Ebola monitoring period)

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Outlining the goals for his hospital system in treating Spencer, Raju said the focus is on providing excellent care for the patient and to ensure that hospital employees are protected so that they take adequate precaution while taking care of Spencer. I am absolutely confident that both will be achieved. We are ready to take care of the patiEbpent, he said.

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