Ebola in India-- does my son have the disease (Disease Query)?

EbolaMy son is suffering from fever, headache and loss of appetite. For the last two days, he is also complaining of muscle pain. Do these symptoms indicate ebola infection? What causes ebola? Please help me, I am very worried.

The symptoms that your son is experiencing are very subjective and not specific indicating a particular health complication. Although fever, headache and loss of appetite are quite common in a wide range of clinical conditions but muscle pain or weakness coupled with the above signs might indicate viral infections, dengue or mumps. Also the chance of your child being infected with the Ebola virus is very rare as Ebola has still not come to India. As of now, only suspected cases of Ebola have been reported in India and not a single person has tested positive for the virus.

Although it is said that the Ebola virus has been transmitted to humans from animals, but the exact cause of Ebola infection is still unclear. Since Ebola is a deadly virus, following precautionary measures (especially children and pregnant women) will be helpful in preventing the spread of the infection. It is important to know about the symptoms, prevention and mode of transmission of the virus as a preliminary step for disease prevention.

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The Ebola infection can be easily spread through close contact with skin or body fluids (sweat, saliva, blood and other body secretions) of an infected person. The Ebola virus can also be spread in case of handling the meat from infected animals, eating under-cooked meat as well as from crowded and unhygienic areas. Read more about Ebola virus causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and prevention

To know the exact cause of your child's health condition, consult a doctor and get treated immediately before the condition worsens.

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