Ebola in India: 58 passengers from Ebola-hit nations screened at Jaipur international airport so far

After two months of initiating screening for Ebola at Jaipur international airport, health officials confirmed to have screening 58 passengers so far who landed from Ebola affected countries in West Africa. Not just Ebola, the health authorities have taken care of screening for MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) for travellers coming from Middle East. There has been no suspected case of MERS so far.

Apart from West African countries, the authorities are ensuring that passengers landing via other international flights also go through the screening process. So far, 32,000 have been assessed for the disease, confirmed officials. None of them have been found to be affected. However, they are being diligently followed up for development of symptoms after their arrival in the state.

Last week in a review meeting the state government decided to pace up and strengthen screening measures for the deadly Ebola virus disease at all international airports in Maharashtra.

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As per the recommendations, passengers coming from Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria, will be screened for classic symptoms of Ebola (fever, sore throat, etc) and categorised as High, Medium or Low risk, depending on their of risk infection. While high risk passengers will be further examined at the health facility, medium risk passengers would be tracked for their health and low risk passengers would be informed about the disease.

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