DTAB has banned 343 FDC drugs including some treating cold and cough

The Drugs Technical Advisory Board has banned 343 FDC drugs, some of which were used in treating cold and cough.

343 fixed dose combination (FDC) drugs, some of which were commonly used to treat cold and cough have been banned by the Drugs Technical Advisory Board (DTAB), the country's top drug advisory board supported by the decision of health ministry. Also, it has asked for lifting up ban from 6 other products and allow them with certain restrictions for specific indications and quantities.

A subcommittee of the DTAB has prepared and submitted the report which has been accepted by DTAB and will be sent to the health ministry soon. Once approved by the health ministry, DTAB will issue a fresh order on the ban.

A fix dose combination drug or FDC consists of two or more drugs combined in a fixed ratio of doses but is available in a single dosage form. Now, in case a patient does not require one or more of these combined drugs, use of FDC can lead to unnecessary risks. Also, experts do doubt on the adjustment of the drug components to the required ratio that the patient will need to take. In case the various components have different pharmacokinetics, that too can lead to major health issues.

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