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Don't want a child now? Go see a doctor anyway

Written by Poorva Chavan |Updated : May 27, 2015 3:23 PM IST

Nowadays, not every couple is keen on having a child immediately after marriage and hence visiting a doctor for fertility tests becomes out of the question. But an expert says that it is important to consult a fertility specialist even if you want a child years later.

Why is early check-up important?

According to doctor Hrishikesh Pai, infertility expert at Fortis Bloom IVF Centre, Fortis La Femme Hospital, New Delhi, stress and lifestyle related disease increase infertility in women. Hence, it is important to get regular fertility checkups for healthy motherhood. Early diagnosis of infertility can help improve the treatment methodology, he explained.

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Hormonal imbalance, thyroid, endometriosis, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), fibroid, cyst are common causes of female infertility, but, with advanced technology, tackling fertility issues has become easy and attaining motherhood is no more impossible. (Read: Pregnancy after 30 dangerous for mother and baby!)

Why is it difficult to conceive after the age of 30?

Pai explains that each woman is born with a fixed pool of eggs (one to two million at birth )which reduces as she ages and reduces to 1000 by the time she reaches menopause. The ability to conceive diminishes after 30 because of the decreasing ovarian pool and goes down rapidly after 37. Here are 35 tips to get pregnant after 35.

How prevalent is infertility?

He explained that infertility rates were difficult to determine due to both and male and female factors. But according to a WHO study, one in every four couples in developing countries are affected by infertility.

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