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Don Draper shaves thrice a day!

Written by Admin |Published : November 2, 2013 3:40 PM IST

Don DraperEver wondered how Mad Men's advertising genius manages to look so suave all day? Actor Jon Hamm actually gets a clean shave up to three times a day on the sets. Make-up artist Lara Horochowski told OK Magazine that it's quite a hassle to keep the actor's cheeks, chin and neck stubble-free when the crew have to film long hours.

Also Mad Men fans will also be glad to know that most of the male characters don't get much make-up and are only given some tinted moisturiser to boost their appearance. Most dermatologists say that you shouldn't shave more than once a day is bad and can harm your skin.

Your old man can be useful for some things. He probably taught you how to throw a ball, how to change a tire, how to tie a necktie all timeless techniques. But do yourself a favour Forget whatever lessons he gave you on shaving. Razor technology and the understanding of how to treat your skin have improved dramatically since he was your age, when computers took up a whole room and guys thought Cher was hot. To get the best shave possible, read this up-to-date advice on methods and products, gleaned from true shaving experts. Then maybe pass it along to Dad.

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1. The cold-water myth.
If Dad ever said that a preshave splash of cold water to the face is the key to a brisk and clean-cut razor treatment, he's all wet never mind if that's what soldiers in World War II movies do. 'A hot shower or hot towel to the face before the shave opens up the pores and softens the hair,' says David Petersen, owner of Rudy's Barbershop in Seattle. This allows for a much smoother, easier and closer cut.

2. Real men don't dry-shave.
A generation ago, guys considered themselves manlier if they treated their skin like a cow's hide. Today, 'moisturizer' and 'exfoliation' are no longer dirty words. Using a preshave product is the first step to protecting the skin and preparing it for the razor by reducing friction and improving glide. 'With the use of preshave products, you can minimize a lot of the hazards of shaving, like razor burn, cuts and nicks,' says famed Hollywood barber William Gornik.

Use a natural-bristle shaving brush to apply the shave cream. 'I highly recommend it. I really would not shave without using one for preparation,' Gornik says. It generates lather, opens pores, sweeps away dead skin and raises facial hair. Read more...

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