Does better economy mean higher stress?

stresssAnd you thought people living in wealthy countries are generally more satisfied with their lives? Actually, they may experience more stress, worry and anger than people who live in poorer countries, a significant study shows.

'Life in an affluent country is more fast-paced, and there are just so many things that you have to do - leading to stress,' Louis Tay, an assistant professor of psychology at Indiana-based Purdue University, was quoted as saying. To reach this conclusion, the researchers examined income data from nearly 840,000 people in 158 nations. (Read: 20 expert tips to beat stress)

Participants reported how satisfied they were with their lives and whether they experienced various feelings such as 'worry,' 'sadness' and 'anger', a LiveScience report said. There is a link between anxiety and having too many choices because trying to make the best choice fast can stress people out. The study has been published in the journal Psychological Science. (Read: Which of these 10 symptoms of stress do you have? (Gallery))

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Source: IANS

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