Docs asked to improve their handwriting!

Indecipherable prescriptions may soon become a thing of the past. The Maha government has lent its support to the efforts taken by the medical fraternity in the state to create awareness about handwriting legibility amongst docs to prevent prescription errors.

Senior doctors across the state are very positive about handwriting improvement to keep pharmaceutical malpractices and legal hassle for medical practitioners at bay, by clearly writing, and in capital letters. Following this, a group of doctors have written to Health Minister Suresh Shetty about their proposed endeavour which the minister said is a good sign.

"Maharashtra Medical Council is an autonomous body and anything in the interest of the common man will be supported by the government," he said. The minister said the doctors told him that handwriting on prescriptions and readability is an issue for lot of people on several occasions. Many chemists especially in smaller towns and villages are unable to understand the prescribed drug and due to misinterpretation an incorrect drug is administered to the patient which a lot of times proves fatal or nearly fatal.

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Also, the medical fraternity has formed a trust called MedscapeIndia, which is constantly taking up issues and initiatives which would eradicate malpractices and add effective communication for creating awareness. "As doctors, all of us from Medscape India feel this is completely our responsibility to tackle the issue by creating awareness for the same," Dr Sunita Dube wrote to the minister this week.

She sought the government's support so that the movement could acquire momentum to reach as many doctors across Maharashtra. "Our efforts will be centered on to make doctors and chemists aware about the negative aspects around illegible handwriting in order to change the same," she said. "The doctors will get short workshop training at various association level or a mandatory guideline from MMC can be issued for better visibility. We wish to put together a handbook for doctors across which will act as a ready reckoner and quick guide on basic things to remember," Dube added.

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