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Do not have these early morning in empty stomach

Avoid these early morning in empty stomach

In case you want to make a healthy start in the morning, do not eat or drink these and avoid indigestion for the rest of the day.

Written by Sreemoyee Chatterjee |Published : September 11, 2018 7:22 AM IST

Morning shows the day and the foodsyou eat in empty stomach after you wake up clearly play an important role in determining how healthy you could be for the rest of the day. Experts say that it is essential for us to know what to not eat in empty stomach as certain foods may cause havoc to your health if consumed. Here is a list of top five foods that you should absolutely avoid having in the wee hours of the day.

Anything that is spicy: Eating foods loaded with spice and chillies in empty tummy can adversely affect your gut health. It can directly irritate your stomach lining, cause acidic reactions and result in cramps. Also, spices and chillies are pungent in nature and can result in indigestion for the rest of the day, say experts.

Sugary foods or drinks: In case you think it is a good habit to start your day with a glass of fruit juice, you are widely mistaken. This because the experts say that sugary foods and drinks can put additional pressure to your pancreas which takes time to get active and functional after you wake up from the night's sleep. Also, empty tummy can make fructose overload your liver.

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Aerated drinks: No matter whenever you take them, aerated drinks are pretty bad for your health. However, having them early morning in empty stomach is a big no. The experts say that the carbonated acids get mixed with the acids in your stomach resulting in nausea and gas. It may also lead to stomach cramps by adding extra acid to your empty stomach.

Cold beverages: You may definitely enjoy having them but do not grab a glass of cold beverage in the morning. Iced beverages in empty stomach may hamper your mucous membrane and slow down your digestion process throughout the day. This is why doctors suggest beginning the day with lukewarm beverages.

Citrus fruits: Eating citrus fruits early morning may boost acid production in your stomach. The excessive fibre and fructose can make your digestion sluggish.

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