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Discovered -- new gene linked to diabetes development

Written by Agencies |Updated : October 7, 2014 5:26 PM IST

Latest Diabetes researchA new study published in the journal Genetics, reveals the gene linked to development of traits in diabetes.

The research team from Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) lead by scientist Leah Solberg Woods discovered the gene called Tpcn2 that was associated with fasting glucose and insulin levels in rats, mice and in humans. Tpcn2 is a lysosomal calcium channel that likely plays a role in insulin signalling.

According to the authors variations in the gene was associated with fasting glucose levels in a rat model. Studies in Tpcn2 knockout mice also show the difference in fasting glucose levels as well as insulin response between the knockout animals and regular mice.

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The research team identified which variants within Tpcn2 were actually involved in causing fasting insulin in humans.

Source: ANI

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