Desserts make your date appear more attractive

London, Jan 10: As per a recent study at the Purdue University in Indiana, USA, sweets can help you win your date. The research revealed that tempting sweets could have you more interested and make your potential date or lover appear more attractive, the Daily Express reported.

The researchers said that the brain scans have previously shown that similar nervous systems link sweet taste and feelings of love and the recent study reveals that sweet taste and feelings of love share a similar part of the brain.

Lead researcher Dongning Ren added that the research shows sweet food taste increases dopamine levels, a key biological substrate of passionate love, and although dopamine is involved in many experiences, it may be part of the link between taste and romantic interest. Research has also shown that just thinking about romantic love makes people think food is sweeter.

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The study is published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Here are some grooming tips to ensure you've swept your date off their feet:

For her

  • There is no way hygiene is going to be overlooked. This is important for both women as it is for men. Well manicured and pedicured nails, clean shoes and clothes are the very basic rule.
  • Yes, it s a date and you should look attractive but without crossing the line. Be cautious during your first few dates; avoid turning up in dresses too tight or bold. Instead, wear clothes that flatter your figure with much comfort. Here is how you can get your grooming right for a date.

For him

  • Men, don't think it's cool to turn you with shabby and unkempt hair all the time. Besides, your hair compliments your look considerably. A neater look is what works best, but don t get carried away and style it too much.
  • Must shave! You can t let your face look shabby on a date. Or trim your beard, such that your facial features are highlighted and not hidden. We give some tips on shaving right here .

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