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Dengue in Mumbai: Did media really 'hype' dengue menace in the city?

Written by Poorva Chavan |Updated : November 20, 2014 9:54 PM IST

After calling the dengue epidemic in the city a media hype , the city s mayor Snehal Ambekar quickly retrieved her statement explaining she was misunderstood.

After visiting the Rajawadi hospital, a local suburban hospital, she said, 'Dengue is an epidemic, but the media has blown it out of proportions. You (the media) are making it look like a very big problem, which is why I visited the Rajawadi hospital to see the dengue patients . As per the statistics given by the municipal corporation, dengue has claimed over 13 lives in the city and more than 700 cases were reported until the first week of November.(Read: Dengue fever do not give Aspirin or Ibuprofen to the patient)

The mayor also said that the media should not target the municipal corporation and check for the houses and stagnant water where the mosquitoes breed. She also claimed that even though the number of reported cases has increased, the mortality rate has gone down this year. However, later while speaking to a news channel she said that she was misconstrued, and the media had failed to give a comprehensive coverage of the efforts taken by the municipal corporation to prevent the epidemic. (Read: Dengue in Mumbai: Activist files PIL urging Bombay HC to declare dengue as an epidemic)

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I was only trying to say that there are many people who are admitted to hospital only as a suspected case, but they fear they have dengue. Who has put this fear in them? Media has not provided a complete picture of the existing situation. BMC is trying every possible solution to curb this menace, Ambekar said. (Read: 8 tips to prevent dengue)

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