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Delhi dengue update: Total cases 1315

Written by Admin |Published : November 9, 2012 7:17 AM IST

Dengue cases in the capital rose to 1,315 , with 38 more people testing positive for the mosquito-borne disease, official data said. Of the new cases, 15 were reported from areas in North Delhi Municipal Corporation, 13 from South Delhi Municipal Corporation and 10 from the East Delhi Municipal Corporation, the data showed.

South Delhi Municipal Corporation this year has reported 495 dengue cases -- the highest among all civic agencies. There have been three deaths so far this season.

In 2011, a total of 891 dengue cases were reported in Delhi, down from a total of 5,769 cases in 2010.
Officials said the unusually high figure in 2010 followed massive construction activity for the Commonwealth Games, which pulled in workers from neighbouring states and also created stagnant pools of water for mosquitoes to breed.

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Dengue fever is a communicable disease, and its symptoms include high fever for four to five days, usually accompanied by severe headache, pain in the eyes, muscles and joints and rashes. After the fever goes away, the blood platelet count starts dipping. This is the most dangerous phase of the disease, and can lead to fatal multi-organ failure, say doctors.

Source: IANS

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