Delete these foods from your diet if you are suffering from bronchitis

Is continuous coughing and chest pain robbing you of your sleep and peace? Did you postpone your presentation just because you find it difficult to speak due to shortness of breath? Like medications, food also plays a vital role in tackling bronchitis. Here, is the list of foods you that you should avoid.

Inflammation of the bronchial tubes can be termed as bronchitis. If you have a low immune system/ you smoke/ work at a place that can affect your lungs then you might suffer from bronchitis. You may suffer from a sore throat, fever, chills, have a runny nose and feel drained if you are suffering from it. so, just consult your doctor who will help you to tackle it before the condition worsens. Along with doctor s medication, there are certain lifestyle modifications which you can follow like regulating your diet by avoiding foods which can give a tough time to your lungs. Avoid these foods and stay healthy and happy.

  • Bid adieu to fried foods: They contain a higher amount of fats and can up your risk of cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and heart issues. It can cause inflammation in your lungs and can irritate your lungs by worsening the symptoms of bronchitis. So, just avoid eating potato chips, French fries, bhajiyas and so on.
  • Bid adieu to high-fat dairy products: Though they contain calcium and saturated fat and can be beneficial for your gut health the whole milk and high-fat cheese may lead to mucus production and can affect your breathing pattern.
  • Bid adieu to salty foods: Do you know that you should avoid consuming salty foods if you have bronchitis? Yes, you have heard it right! Foods which are high in sodium can increase your risk of blood pressure and can be bad for your respiratory health. So, say no to namkeens and canned foods.
  • Bid adieu to refined sugar: Do you like to drink those colas which are sugar-laden? Beware, they can take a toll on your health. Say no to syrups, candy and so on as this will prevent your symptoms like coughing, inflammation and irritation of your lungs.

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