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Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra -- which Bollywood actress has the perfect body?

Written by Priyanka Ganwani |Updated : November 25, 2014 1:26 PM IST

Our Bollywood beauties keep themselves fit and fabulous and are an inspiration to many. Several girls want to know how they keep themselves so fit with their gruelling film schedules. Thankfully, today the trend of being size zero is passe and being in shape and strong is more in demand. No matter what your body type is, you can can look stunning if you have a fit body. Here is our pick of 10 leading Bollywood ladies with desirable bodies.

1. Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone fitness

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Deepika Padukone not only boasts of a successful career in current times but she s got it all right with a stunning body. Known to have an athletic physique, Deepika was a national level badminton player and is continues her commitment to her fitness regime. This includes some yoga and cardio exercises with weight training. She is trained by some of the the best in the business, Yasmin Karachiwla for her cardio and weight training and her yoga expert Abhishek Sharma. Apart from having her fitness training on track, she is particular about her diet chalked out by Pooja Makhija.

She does Pilates and stretching exercises, push-ups and some running. Similarly, she undertakes yoga sessions which are comprehensive and work around her alignment and breathing. These exercises also work on her mental relaxation. Her yoga exercises include at least 10 surya namaskars. Another asana that Deepika includes in her yoga routine is the warrior pose or Virabhadrasana. This benefits the shoulders, arms, thighs and the muscles at the back, all at once. Deep breathing is another crucial part of her yoga routine. This is done for relaxation and to maintain a steady pace of breathing. You could know more about Deepika Padukone s yoga regime, here.

2. Katrina Kaif


We are not surprised to know why Katrina Kaif was voted as Asia s sexiest woman, 3 times consecutively. She s been in perfect shape and has been trained for various fight and stunt scenes in her recent movies, be it for Race 3 or Bang Bang.

For her well-toned body, Katrina does yoga along with gym sessions, running, swimming and iso-planks. Katrina enjoys and uses dancing as a stress-buster, this definitely adds to her fitness. As for her diet, she ditches carbohydrates completely and has fibre-rich foods instead. The 'Boom' actress sticks to a macrobiotic diet which includes eating grains with vegetables and grilled food and not refined or processed foods. More importantly, she ensures high intake of water, responsible for her glowing and well-hydrated skin. Here is how Katrina stays glamourous.

3. Shilpa Shetty

shilpa-shetty perfect body

Shilpa Shetty always fell into the '36-24-36' vital stats category, perfectly. She managed to 'bounce' back even post pregnancy. This 'Big Brother' winner is disciplined and prefers keeping away from sugar and sweets, aerated drinks or even resorting to drinking and smoking. Shilpa follows regular weight training and the right eating habits. As for her meals, she opts for a heavier meal in the day and a light one at night. She avoids snacking on junk for mid-meals. Shilpa has glasses of hot water throughout the day and sips on some green tea as well.

Her workout regime post pregnancy included cycling, swimming, weight training and power workouts. In real life too, she proved to be a 'Baazigar' as she got rid of the 80 kgs that she weighed after her pregnancy. Shilpa focuses on weight training for well-defined and toned leg muscles. She is particular about getting her arms in shape and lifts light dumbles. A run on the treadmill is a must for her too. Know how Shilpa Shetty got into shape, post-pregnancy, here.

4. Bipasha Basu


The Bengali bombshell, Bipasha Basu is known for her fitness and has an exercising video series of Bipasha Basu: Love Yourself. For that perfect body, Bipasha has stuck to a high-protein diet and resists her cravings for sweets and desserts. She believes it s important to eat right so as to see better results out of your workout. Her meals include green leafy vegetables, fruits, vegetables, nuts, chicken, roti, and dal. She prefers to skip red meat.

To keep at her fitness regime consistent, Bipasha likes changes in her workouts. However she does cardio as well as muscle training for a complete balance. Moreover, she believe in keeping herself well-disciplined and focused to sport a body like that.

5. Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqline plans on organic cafe

The Sri Lankan lass and Bollywood beauty Jacqueline Fernandez is at her fittest best and is clearly making the most out of her fitness regime. Jacqueline is a vegan and promotes the concept of organic food. The 'Murder 2' actress does not skip her daily dose of fresh fruits, salads, and green tea with a glass of honey, lime and warm water. She sticks to a vegan lunch with salads, lentils and brown rice and some grilled fish and veggies, at night.

Unlike most actors, she ditched the gym and now undergoes rigorous yoga sessions every day. Her yoga session lasts for an hour, for 5 days a week. Her workout begins with some much-needed warm-up followed by about 20 rounds of suryanamaskar. This is followed by other asanas like vrikshasana, utkatasana, poorna halasana, kapalbhati kriyaand anulom vilom. Also, Jacqueline has glowing and healthy skin at all times, know the secrets to her glowing skin, here.

6. Priyanka Chopra


The Mary Kom star who underwent great amount of training to sport the boxer s character is known for her stunning and fit physique. The 'Miss World' is against the idea of starving or resisting but eats right to lose weight appropriately. She has a protein-rich breakfast with egg whites and munches on some nuts, between meals or every two hours. She has some dal, roti over lunch and some grilled chicken or fish with vegetables. Priyanka leaves the weekend for her favourite foods and indulges in some desserts too.

Her workout is power-packed with a full body training including lunges, crunches, biceps curls, resistance training, and spinning or cycling, in case she does not hit the gym. Know how Priyanka Chopra stays fit here.

7. Kareena Kapoor

kareena kapoor

Kareena Kapoor has undergone various fitness changes, we've seen her in size-zero as well as her plump self when she started off. However now, she's been all focused and gives in at least two hours of her time for yoga and cardio-based exercises. She also lays much emphasis on what she eats. Kareena does not believe in fad diets or skipping carbs completely from meals. This feisty actress avoids high-calorie foods and snacks on nuts and soya milk instead. Kareena follows a simple rule of exercising as much as one eats. She enjoys experimenting with her diet without missing out on the 'healthy' quotient.

8. Nargis Fakhri

nargis-fakhri fit body

The actress who rose to fame with the movie Rockstar and looked absolutely stunning in her last special appearance song, Yaar na miley, is one fit actress in B-town.

She believes a healthy diet is nothing without regular liquid intake of 2 litres of water a day and some coconut water. Nargis eats every two hours to avoid any hunger pangs or over eating. The 'goofy' model-turned- actress Nargis prefers munching on to some walnuts, almonds and dry fruits from time to time. The credit for her well-shaped body is to be given to her eat in moderation belief. She experiments with cooking to help herself eat right. For her, sugar, aerated drinks and processed foods are a big no-no!Here is how Nargis shared her diet secrets with Ileana D Cruz.

Her workout regime includes some Zumba every day. Nargis balances her fitness regime with her food intake well and makes up for it, in case she finds herself cheating on the diet. Know some more beauty secrets of stunning Bollywood actors, here.

9.Chitrangada Singh

chitrangada-singh fit body

Chitrangada Singh is a phenomenal actress and sports the perfect hourglass body as well. She is daring in her personality and has kept up with her consistent fitness training. At the same time, Chitrangada's diet is high on nutrition and not too complicated. It is low in fat and scales up high on proteins. She has 5 meals a day without fail. It is a mix of egg whites, oats and nuts for breakfast and grilled fish with vegetables, brown rice and bajraroti or bread for lunch and dinner.

Chitarangada is a regular with cardio-based exercises which go on for a good 40 minutes. Her warm-up includes jogging, running or even basic stretching exercises. Squats and lunges, step-ups, leg press, extensions and curls are also a part of her routine. Know more about her fitness routine, here.

10. Lisa Haydon

Lisa-haydon fit body

Lisa Haydon, the sultry, long-legged actress has undoubtedly an envious body. However, she traces her fitness regime back to when she was only 14. She has been a fitness freak ever since and follows a strict yoga routine even now. Her workout routine includes ashtanga yoga and jogging. She alternates jogging/running with swimming too. Lisa prefers having a toned body rather than sporting a muscular one.

Whereas her diet is concerned, she usually eats what fancies her tastes in smaller portions and manages to balance her diet as a vegan. The ' Queen' actress ensures regular intake of fruit and vegetable juices and sticks to delicious idlis, sambhar or dosa when she is out on shoots. Lisa does not skip her meals or resort to starving to look slimmer.

So who do you think has the perfect body in Bollywood?

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