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'Dead' baby moves at burial ground; commotion unfolds at MGM hospital, Telangana

After the parents took the baby to the burial ground for final rites, they observed some movements in her body. But she was declared dead

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : July 3, 2017 7:06 PM IST

Media reports have it that a team of doctors from Telangana's Mahatma Gandhi Memorial(MGM) Hospital on Sunday declared a four-day-old baby dead. There have been tensions all around the hospital since then. He was brought back from the cremation ground to the hospital by the parents who claimed that their child was alive. According to reports by Zee News, the baby girl who just weighed just 450 grams, was born three days ago at private hospitals with several complications.It has been alleged that the private hospital did not have enough facilities to take care of the premature babies and that is when he was referred to the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) Hospital.

As per reports from Zee News, on Sunday afternoon at around 11:30 am the baby was declared dead by the doctor on duty, Dr Sirajuddin. Following which he was issued a death certificate. The parents then took the baby to the burial ground for final rites. It was only then they observed some movements in her body and rushed their child back to the hospital. Even after that when the baby was taken to the hospital, the doctors declared her dead. This set the parents at rage and the relatives blamed the doctor for blindly declaring the baby dead. They alleged the doctor for acting negligently and that he did not check the ECG properly. On the other hand, the doctors are still standing up on their statement that the baby was declared dead after examining the heartbeat and ECG, which according to them was flat. This has caused a lot of tension in the hospital and the people are enraged. (Read: Baby starts to walk immediately after being born; the video is breaking the internet (Watch video) and Why sugar is VERY BAD for babies and how to AVOID sugar in baby food)

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