Dating apps: Why not so good for your mind

Using a dating app may seem so cool for those who are single but may bruise your mental health considerably, say experts. Find out how, here.

Are you single and looking for potential dates around? In that case you will certainly have some dating app on your cell phone. Getting everything at hand has become possible today, even all-you-can-date buffet, thanks to technology. Tinder, Truly Madly, Woo, Bumble are perhaps the most used words amongst the youth of the nation. And all of these are dating apps bringing a host of dating options right there on your phone and you get to pick your next dating partner just with a swipe on your screen. Yes, all that is wonderful and so easy. But not everything about dating apps is great. No, I am not just talking about the safety concern here. You, meeting a stranger virtually and in real world has a lot of difference and dating apps can possibly mess up with your mind. That's what the experts say. Here is all what dating apps can do to your mental health and trust me, you need to watch out these to avoid being in trouble, mentally and behaviourally.

They can trigger depression and anxiety: It may seem all fun and pleasure using a dating app. But you may get into acute anxiety and depression while using it, suggest psychologists . They are blaming rejections on dating apps to be responsible for making users anxious followed by getting depressed. According to dating experts, while virtual rejection may seem not to impact lives, it is not so in real. These rejections may devastate a user, mentally and make him or her cynical about potential dates. Starting from low match rates to boorish texts, ghosting and many more can affect mental stability, lead to anxiety and depression.

They can hurt your self-esteem: One of my friends used to stand in front of the mirror for hours inspecting herself after getting rejected by potential dates on Tinder. While initially she had been negligent about it, it was later found out she started getting nervous before interviewers and could not be confident enough as she used to be earlier. She, at present, is under clinical treatment for this behavioural abnormality. Psychiatrists say that rejections on dating apps may hit your self-esteem and lower it. You may end up feeling miserable for not being able to be sure about yourself. In extreme conditions, rampant users of dating apps may end up suffering from existential crisis, say doctors.

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They can make you an addict: You are hearing right. Frequent use of dating apps can be an addiction as it is no different from a game that keeps you glued to it. A former colleague would often stop writing copies and check whether she had got a new match on Tinder every 15 minutes. This may not sound strange as we see a lot of similar instances around us daily, but this is how addiction begins, say psychologists. Using these apps become more of a game than searching for love. With these matches usually being short-lived, users start getting emotionally vulnerable.

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