Critical heart surgery conducted in Surat


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Doctors at Wockhardt Hospital, Surat, recently performed a critical cardiac surgery successfully. The hospital with its expert doctors is taking Surat ahead when it comes to critical bypass surgery or critical coronary surgery. A wide gamut of cardiac procedures from angiography, angioplasty to bypass surgeries is conducted at Wockhardt Hospital, Surat.

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Kevlaben, who hails from Surat's rural area, was suffering from cardiac problems since a long time. She went for an angioplasty treatment from Mumbai when she had a heart attack. Later, she went for stent treatment twice in Surat which did not improve her condition. Unfortunately, on April 5, 2014, considered as a dark day in her life, she again had a critical heart attack and immediately got admitted to Wockhardt Hospital, Surat.

Dr. Alok Ranjan, Senior Cardiologist in the city performed the basic treatment but her condition was improving. After studying her case, Dr. Kalpesh Malik, expert cardiac surgeon, decided to do bypass surgery on her.

In general, if a patient gets a heart attack, any type of surgery is not advisable. It could be very critical and difficult. In the past, the patient had undergone angioplasty, and hence, Dr. Malik decided for bypass surgery immediately to save her life.

'After joining Wockhardt Hospital, this was my first critical case and Kevlaben was very serious when she was admitted in the hospital, so we had no option other than bypass surgery. We tried the shock treatment and pumping treatment but there was no improvement and her situation continued worsening. So, we quickly took the decision and started bypass surgery at 9 a.m. It is our pleasure that Kevlaben is out of danger now and we succeeded in that critical life-saving task. We have removed 3 blockages and stent. Now Kevlaben is safe' stated Dr. Kalpesh Malik in a press conference.

Dr. Pankaj Nathvani, Center Head, Wockhardt Hospital added, 'This press conference is to spread awareness in people about bypass surgery. At Wockhardt Hospital, we have well equipped facility and experienced doctors for the treatment of any heart-related problems'

About Adventist Wockhardt Heart Hospital, Surat

Adventist Wockhardt Heart Hospital, Surat

Adventist Wockhardt Heart Hospital, Surat, is part of Wockhardt Hospitals a chain of tertiary care super-specialty hospitals in India and this chain of hospitals is owned by the Wockhardt Ltd Group, a leading international Pharmaceutical and Healthcare company.

Adventist Wockhardt Heart Hospital, Surat, is a Super Specialty Heart Care facility in South Gujarat offering complete services in the areas of Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery.

To provide end to end patient care, Wockhardt Hospital, Surat offers comprehensive care under one roof with 24 hours Emergency & critical Care Services backed by a team of eminent physicians and surgeons. By dialing the 24-hour emergency heart line, Patients of Surat can avail the ambulance services The Ambulance is well equipped to take care of all emergencies and has two-way communication with ICCU. Qualified medical officers and a paramedic from the hospital man the Wockhardt Ambulance.

The hospital is equipped with:

110 beds (including 40 bedded Critical Care Unit)

2 Cardiothoracic Operation Theaters meeting International Standards with Full time Cardiac Surgery Team

Digital Flat panel Cardiac Catheterization Lab

Dedicated Cardiac Ambulance and 24 hours Wockhardt Emergency Heart Line

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