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COVID Cases Surge In Delhi; Is Arvind Kejriwal Imposing A Lockdown?

COVID Cases Surge In Delhi; Is Arvind Kejriwal Imposing A Lockdown?

Delhi has been witnessing a rapid surge in COVID-19 cases in the past few days. Amid the increase, the government had imposed some restrictions but is the city heading towards a lockdown? What you need to know.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri |Updated : January 10, 2022 11:27 AM IST

Amid the Omicron surge, Delhi has reported a massive increase in the number of COVID cases. The total tally on Saturday surpassed 20,000 with 20,181 new cases reported in the national capital. In addition, there were 11,869 recoveries and seven additional fatalities. Covid-19 has infected at least 750 doctors, as well as hundreds of nurses and paramedics from Delhi's six major hospitals.

Until further orders, the Delhi government has issued a 'yellow alert,' a 'night curfew,' and a 'weekend lockdown.' The national capital is rumoured to be imposing a 'Red alert' or total curfew since the Covid positive rate is skyrocketing. The highest level of restriction in a region is to issue a red alert, which closes all non-essential shops, government offices, the metro, and public transportation. Is the Delhi government imposing a complete lockdown?

No Intentions To Impose Lockdown In Delhi: CM Arvind Kejriwal

In the light of increasing coronavirus cases in the city, CM Arvind Kejriwal addressed the city at a press conference on Sunday. Delhi Chief Minister said at a press conference that if people follow Covid-19 regulations completely, there will be no lockdown in the capital. "If people follow protocol, like wearing face masks in public and maintaining social distance, there would be no Covid lockdown in Delhi", Delhi CM exclaimed.

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He further added that the government wants to "impose as few restrictions as possible so that people's livelihoods are not impacted."

"There's no need to panic.. just be responsible. We don't want to impose a lockdown right now... we want to keep curbs as limited as possible so that the general public isn't inconvenienced. We will examine the situation again at a DDMA (Delhi Disaster Management Agency) meeting tomorrow," Kejriwal said.

COVID-19 Cases In Delhi

For the past few days, Delhi has been witnessing a prominent surge in the number of coronavirus cases. The national capital saw a total of 20,181 people in a single day, with seven people dying from the infection. The city's daily optimism rating has reached 19.60 per cent. After May 2, 2021, the single-day case count surpassed 20,000.

The total number of active patients is 48,178, with 25,909 of them in home isolation. There are now 9,227 containment zones in use. The total number of patients is now 15,26,979, while the death toll has risen to 25,143.

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