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COVID-19 Patients In Home Isolation Can Now Book Oxygen Online: Delhi Government

COVID-19 Patients In Home Isolation Can Now Book Oxygen Online: Delhi Government
In Home Isolation? COVID Patients Can Now Book Oxygen Online In Delhi

Amid several reports of deaths due to the oxygen shortage in the national capital, the Delhi government has assured that COVID patients can now book oxygen online.

Written by Satata Karmakar |Updated : May 7, 2021 10:36 AM IST

As the national capital still reels under the extreme crisis for oxygen leading to deaths of several COVID-19 patients, the Delhi government on Thursday said that all the Covid infected patients living in home isolation in Delhi would now find life-saving oxygen cylinders through online booking. Amid a surge in demand for oxygen cylinders across the national capital. The government also assured that it has set up a new system to ensure the smooth availability of cylinders.

In a notification issued by the health department of the Delhi government on Thursday, district authorities have been directed to look after the issue of oxygen supply to the people in home isolation.

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As per the Delhi Government's notification, those needing oxygen for themselves or looking out for their relatives must register on the portal - One would have to submit these required documents to book oxygen cylinders online - copies of their Aadhaar, Covid test report, and CT-Scan report if any.

"Each district has been assigned a re-filler for accessing its lump-sum allocation and the respective district magistrates have been directed to supervise the management of the distribution of cylinders," the notification said.

The government's move has come after witnessing residents struggling in long queues at various refill centres and depots across the city. All district magistrates have been told to set aside enough officials to sort out the applications and ensure that those eligible receive their e-pass on priority.

Those whose applications are approved will receive the e-pass from the district magistrate stating when, where, at what time, and at which depot they would get the oxygen cylinders, the release said. This will, however, depend on the availability of stocks.

The district magistrates have also been asked to appoint only such depots and dealers where availability is hassle-free so that the patients or their relatives are not put into any further trouble for the sake of oxygen.

According to the reports, the facility of online bookings will be made available to Delhi residents from May 6. Delhi recorded 20,960 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday and 311 related fatalities which pushed the total number of cases in the city to 1,253,902 and the death toll to 18,063.

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