COVID-19 Live Updates: India's daily Covid cases fell below 2-lakh mark

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It is now more than a year since the global COVID-19 pandemic threw life out of gear across the world. The scientific community came together to find a cure and vaccine to counter this life-threatening virus. And, they were successful. Today we have vaccines and millions of people across the world have taken the shot to keep themselves safe. But now, the virus has once again reared its head. It has mutated and there are many variants now circulating the globe. Some of the variants are said to be highly infectious. The overall global Covid-19 caseload has topped 167.1 million, while the deaths have surged to more than 3.46 million, according to the Johns Hopkins University.

US continues to be the worst hit country. In terms of infections, India follows in the second place with 26,752,447 cases. The other worst countries with over 3 million cases are Brazil (16,120,756), France (5,667,330), Turkey (5,194,010), Russia (4,952,412), the UK (4,480,760), Italy (4,194,672), Germany (3,659,990), Spain (3,647,520), Argentina (3,562,135) and Colombia (3,249,433), the CSSE figures showed.

In terms of deaths, Brazil comes second with 449,858 fatalities. Nations with a death toll of over 100,000 are India (303,720), Mexico (220,493), the UK (127,986), Italy (125,335), Russia (116,812) and France (108,819).

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