COVID-19 Live Updates: Maharashtra Announces 'Level 3' Restrictions As Cases of Delta Plus Variant Increase

Cases rise again in India, rains uncover more shallow graves and more. Get the latest news, updates and information about the COVID-19 pandemic here.

For India, the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic was devastating. But now, things are under control. But with many states going in for easing of restrictions, experts have voiced concern about a probable third wave within the next couple of months. The emergence of dangerous mutations of the COVID-129 virus, like the Delta plus strain and another mutation in the Gamma variant have scientists worried. The onus of preventing another devastating wave of the pandemic rests, to a certain extent, with the general population of the world. Strict compliance with COVID protocols, like wearing a face mask, maintaining social distancing and avoiding crowded places, is now even more crucial than ever.

Across the world, Covid-19 cases has surpassed 179.9 million and there have been more than 3.89 million, according to the Johns Hopkins University. The US is still the worst-hit country with 33,590,360 cases and 603,149 deaths. As far as infections is concerned, India occupies second place with 30,082,778 cases. In terms of deaths, Brazil occupiers second place with 509,141 fatalities. Other nationswith a high death rate are India (391,981), Mexico (231,847), Peru (191,073), Russia (129,278), the UK (128,312), Italy (127,365), France (111,068) and Colombia (102,636).


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