Coupler - A paperclip size implant that can lower high blood pressure

London, Jan 23: A paperclip size device that can be implanted in just 40 minutes has been able to lower dangerously high blood pressure in a trial group of patients. The implant, known as a 'Coupler', works by joining an artery and a vein together in the thigh, reducing resistance to blood flow and lowering blood pressure, the Independent reported.

Dr Melvin Lobo, director of Barts Blood Pressure Clinic, said that the device was highly promising and the Coupler effectively targets the mechanical aspects of how blood circulation works and so it's a totally new approach to controlling blood pressure. Lobo added that they must find better means of treating high blood pressure as drugs do not work for everyone and the Coupler is a big step forward in their search for alternative treatment. (Read: 10 tips to keep your blood sugar under control (Gallery))

The trial of the Coupler involved 83 patients in this group, and took place at several specialist centres including the Blood Pressure Clinic at Barts Health NHS Trust in east London. Patients who received the Coupler experienced a significant and lasting reduction in blood pressure, and also had fewer complications and hospitals admissions than the control group. (Read: What is normal blood pressure? (Disease query))

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