Could Bigg Boss 8 contestant Diandra Soares be pregnant with Gautam Gulati's child?

Update: Could Diandra Soares' pregnancy test be falsely positive?

The Bigg Boss house is always a place full of controversies, but this one is a whole new ball game. According to certain reports the inmates of the Bigg Boss 8 house were in for a surprise when Diandra Soares was rushed to the hospital after falling ill.

The model-turned-designer reported feeling sick and asked to be taken to the hospital, where it is believed that she tested positive on a rapid pregnancy test (one that a woman can take at home). This news while is shocking, can be raked up to the recent romantic tryst she and Gautam Gulati had in the bathroom, with Dimpy eavesdropping on what they were speaking. What's more is that this is all speculator y as no one knows what the two were talking about as they did not take their microphones into the bathroom with them.

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While all the news doing the rounds is dandy, it is important to know that the symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness, fatigue, vaginal discharge or any kind of discomfort due to pregnancy do not show up for at least one month after conception. So if Diandra did show symptoms of pregnancy, the incident probably took place at least one week before the Gautam Gulati incident.

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