COVID-19 Live Updates: Bill Gates Predicted That Pandemic Will End, But Also Hinted At Another Catastrophe

While Bill Gates is optimistic that COVID is soon to become endemic, he predicts that another pandemic awaits the world for which we need to prepare ourselves.

While cases of Omicron have subsided in India, the highly transmissible COVID-19 variant is still tearing through the US and several other countries. Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft and the millionaire philanthropist sees some hope that the pandemic will soon end.

In a tweet, he suggested that once the Omicron wave passes, Covid will be treated more like the seasonal flu. He wrote, "Once Omicron goes through a country then the rest of the year should see far fewer cases so Covid can be treated more like seasonal flu."

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As he hinted that the pandemic will soon hit the endemic stage after more than two years, Gates also warned of another warning about an imminent pandemic that awaits the world. He also said that the next pandemic will not be caused by a coronavirus, but by a different type of infection.

With widespread access to vaccines, the threat from Covid-19 has dramatically reduced, according to the Microsoft co-founder. Gates, who warned about the Omicron wave in December, now predicts that the world would be hit by "another pandemic," this time caused by a different "pathogen."

Speaking to the TV news channel CNBC, Gates said the COVID risk, which was more dangerous for the elderly and people with an underlying disease has now reduced and the exposure of the infection has also reduced.


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