CORBEVAX Booster Dose Now Available At All Immunization Centers

The government has approved the vaccination of CORBEVAX, a booster dose for the coronavirus available at the CoWIN app.

CORBEVAX Vaccine: The Central Government has approved the CORBEVAX vaccine as a booster dose to defeat the corona in the ongoing war against the coronavirus. This booster dose will be provided to individuals above eighteen years of age. In addition, this booster dose will be given to those who have taken the first two doses of Covishield or Covaccine. Biologicals E. Ltd. (BE), the manufacturer of CORBEVAX, said that Corbevax would be available as a booster dose at both public and private immunization centres from Friday. In addition, a booster dose of Corbevax will be given to those who have taken both doses of Covaxin or Covishield vaccine within six months. Such people may be given the Corbevax booster shot.

CORBEVAX And Immunity Response

According to the manufacturer, in Corbevax heterologous booster-dose clinical trials, it has been measured in terms of neutralization antibody titers with the least adverse events along with the Omicron strain, binding antibody titres, as well as cellular immune response, and it has shown positive effects on humoral immunity. In addition, it has demonstrated a significant increase in the immune response.

How To Book CORBEVAX Vaccine?

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According to the information, the CORBEVAX vaccine is expected to be available at public and private vaccination centres from August 12, 2022. You can even reserve it via the CoWIN app. This vaccine is India's first indigenous RBD protein subunit CORBEVAX vaccine, which is currently being administered to children aged 12 to 14.

Heterogeneous COVID-19 Booster

"Corbevax has evolved as India's first approved vaccine into a heterogeneous COVID-19 booster. The cost of Corbevax for private COVID-19 vaccination centres is Rs 250, which includes goods and sales tax.

For the end-user, the vaccine costs Rs 400, which includes administrative charges and taxes.

Corbevax will be available on the CoWIN app as a booster dose in private and public immunization centres from August 12, 2022.

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