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Comments vegetarians are tired of hearing

Written by Agencies |Published : November 7, 2013 5:26 PM IST

veganVegetarians often get to hear eyebrow-raising comments from people who eat non-vegetarian food. For instance, they are told that they are weak as they don't get enough protein in their food.

Here is a list of comments that vegetarians are tired of hearing, reports

- Wait, so you don't eat meat? I don't get how that's possible.

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- When people don't understand that you can be a vegetarian for reasons other than 'loving animals'.

- Being asked if you'd eat meat for a million bucks, or if you'd still refuse it if you were stuck on an island and would otherwise starve. (Read: 8 Indian substitutes for imported vegetables that could save you money)

- The assumption that you're 'missing out on life' and must be kind of sad that you can't eat meat.

- The 'plants are being killed too' argument.

- Nobody is believing you're getting enough protein, so you must be a weak.

- When people say, 'I tried being vegetarian once...couldn't do it!'

- People who claim they're vegetarians, but still eat chicken and fish and the occasional cheeseburger. (Read: How to wash veggies, fruits the right way and prevent diseases)

Source: IANS

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