Citrus juices are ten times higher in antioxidant content than you thought!

Don't miss that glass of orange juice every morning or some refreshing lemon juice in the afternoons, from now on! Orange juice and juices from various citrus fruits are now said be ten times higher in antioxidant levels. It's also much more beneficial to our health as found in a recent research. Incresead content of anti-oxidants in one's regular diet help release harmful free radicals from our body.

'The antioxidant activity is, on average, ten times higher than that which everyone thought up until now,' said Jose Angel Rufian Henares, professor at the University of Granada in Spain.

The new technique used for the measurement of antioxidant content is called 'global antioxidant response' (GAR) which now shows how that this factor was rather underestimated and undervalued in various foods. This research concludes that the antioxidant capacities in the many food products should be reexamined by dietitians and health authorities. This procedure of measurement involves scrutanising physical and chemical elements like colour, fluorescence and the equation between the concentrations and compounds indicators such as furfural. After having implied this technique to commercial and natural orange, mandarin, lemon and grapefruit juices, it was seen that their 'health-values' are surely on an increase.

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This method has helped scientists create a mathematical model to classify juices according as per their natural and storage conditions, so that the appropriate raw materials, sterilisation, along with pasteurisation processes are put in use. Here is why you should have an orange, a day.

Benefits of sweet lime and mosambi

Reduces dehydration

Mosambi juice can serve you best when you are feel thirsty and dehydrated. It makes up for the essential minerals and vitamins that lower risk of complications that may come with dehydration.

Great for immunity

As mosambi belongs to the citrus family it is indeed high in vitamin C which makes it an' immunity- booster' and keeps you away from common cold and flu. For more benefits on sweet lime or mosambi juice, read here.

The findings appeared in the journal Food Chemistry.

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