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Chris Brown apologises for Ebola tweet

Written by Editorial Team |Published : October 15, 2014 7:01 PM IST

Chris Brown apologized for the blunder he made by commenting on the new medical crisis Ebola, but the fans refused to accept his apology.The 25-year-old singer, who recently took to Twitter and wrote 'I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control. S**t is getting crazy bruh,' learned his lesson when he received a wave of backlash from his 13.7 million followers, reported. (Read: How the Ebola virus spreads in humans)

Brown got comments like 'You're not a smart person at all' and 'Why morons gotta be famous?' after which he decided to make amends by tweeting 'Let me shut my black ass up.' However, no one paid any attention to it. (Read: Ebola facts frequently asked questions (FAQ))

Here are Ebola myths busted

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Myth #1: Ebola is not real

Fact: Ebola is real and is caused due to a virus

The virus is thought to have been spread from animals to man and is capable of being contagious even before any symptoms are seen. Having killed over 700 people, the Ebola virus is known to be fatal 90% of the times. This apathy was highlighted in a news report by NEWSY, where Dr Sanjay Gupta said in an interview with CNN that people in Africa have a severe lack of knowledge regarding the virus and how it spreads. They touch the bodies of people who have died due to the infection, and get infected. This then spreads to people around them. Apart from that in a startling revelation, one person interviewed in Africa said that he did not believe that Ebola was real, while eating a piece of bush meat. As the disease continues killing, it is this belief that only makes the situation worse.

Myth #2: Ebola can only spread through blood

Fact: Ebola can spread through all body fluids including blood, sweat, semen, saliva and any other discharge

This is mainly because of the way the virus attacks the body. Apart from affecting a person s immune system, Ebola multiplies extremely fast and soon spreads throughout a person s body. It then systematically infects all systems of the human body barring the nervous system. This leads to bleeding and breakdown of all the defense mechanisms of the body. The infection becomes so severe that at a given time there can be up to 1000 viral cells in one drop of body fluid (especially blood). Read more about Ebola Facts: Top 7 myths busted

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