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Chocolates for diabetics that will make them say no to sweets

These sweets look like body parts that get affected due to diabetes.

Written by Editorial Team |Published : November 26, 2017 1:59 PM IST

'India has become the diabetes capital of the world, with the prevalence of the disease estimated to rise from 69.2 million to 123.5 million by 2040,' said Vivek Srivastava, CEO & Co-Founder, HealthCare atHOME. 'Yet, many patients control it poorly, remaining on diets high in sugar and being unaware that it puts them at risk of serious complications, such as blindness, amputations, kidney failure and heart disease.' To get patients to realise the importance of managing Diabetes, HCAH created Dolce Mal, a brand of chocolates hand-crafted to get people not to eat them. Each piece was shaped like a body part that could be damaged if a patient with diabetes maintained a diet high in sugar.

Dolce Mal has been launched in the week of World Diabetes Day at Palate Fest, a three-day food festival in New Delhi. At the fest, people were amused to see a stall with chocolates shaped like specific body parts; a heart, a kidney, an eye, a leg. When the curiosity got the better of them and they enquired, they were educated about the consequences of diabetes. The stall was set up like a branded chocolate shop, with posters inside that supported the diabetes story with facts. Harshi Singh, 31, Fest Visitor said, 'Just a couple of days ago, my mother was diagnosed with diabetes, but we haven't started the treatment yet. So, now I am really looking forward to what HCAH has to offer for her health.' Satyam Saxena, 42, said ' This is really different! It's stark! I haven't experienced an idea like this for diabetes.' Another visitor said, 'I was so surprised to see chocolates shaped like body parts. I took a step back.'

Through Dolce Mal, HCAH promoted its diabetes management program, DIABEE. The program helps the person with diabetes keep a track of his/her sugar levels by providing support every minute of the day with diet, exercise and treatment advice.

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