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Chinese teen cuts off own hand to cure Internet addiction! Are you an Internet addict? Check here

Written by Agencies |Updated : February 6, 2015 5:10 PM IST

London, Feb 4: A Chinese teenager was rushed to hospital after he took a drastic measure and cut off his own hand in an attempt to cure his internet addiction. The 19-year-old boy from Nantong in the Jiangsu, known only as Little Wang, reportedly used a kitchen knife, and chopped off his hand while sitting on a public bench, the Mirror reported.

He had left a note for his mother which said Mum, I have gone to hospital for a while, don't worry. I will definitely come back this evening. After he cut his left arm at the wrist and left the hand lying on the ground, he called a taxi to take him to a nearby A and E. Thankfully the surgeons at the local university hospital were able to reattach the hand which was recovered by police. (Read: Are you among the 6% of population addicted to the internet?)

However, they were unable to assure if he would regain full mobility. According to official figures, China currently has about 24 million web junkies, and Tao Ran, an army psychologist who runs a well-known Beijing rehab centre for internet addicts, estimated around 14 percent of China's young people were addicted and did only two things sleeping and playing. (Read: Every other 14-year-old s addicted to the internet!)

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So, how do you find that you re addicted to the internet?

Here are some symptoms

  • You re working in digital media company and you love your job
  • You have mood swings
  • You cannot control the amount of time spent using digital technology
  • You always look for more time to spend surfing the internet or a new game to achieve a desired mood
  • You feel withdrawn when not engaged with digital technology
  • Your social life has gone for a toss
  • Your performance at work or academics has become poor

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