China's Zoonotic Langya Virus Impairing Liver, Kidney Function To Dengue Outbreak: Top Health News of The Day

China's Zoonotic Langya Virus Impairing Liver, Kidney Function To Dengue Outbreak

What made headlines today? Take a quick look at the top health news stories from in and around India.

The Day In Nutshell | From Monkeypox infecting animals, and a massive dengue outbreak in Bangladesh, to COVID wreaking havoc even after getting vaccinated, here is what made headlines today.

US Defence Chief Contracts COVID For The Second Time

US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin has tested positive for Covid-19. According to the reports, this is the second time that the US Defence chief has tested positive for COVDI-19. "I am experiencing mild symptoms, and will quarantine at home for the next five days," Austin, 69, said in a statement announcing the latest infection. Read more about COVID-19 reinfection HERE.

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Dengue Outbreak: Sudden Spike In Bangladesh, Brazil, Philippines And Vietnam

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the sudden spike in dengue fever has become a cause for concern not just in India but in the world. Dengue comes every year during the monsoon season. However, with all the virus outbreaks that the world is fighting right now, the cases associated with this infection are seemingly more this year. According to the data, apart from India, which has reported several dengue cases in the past few weeks, countries like Brazil, the Philippines, Bangladesh and Vietnam are also fighting the condition. Read more about the dengue outbreak HERE.

COVID Test Vs Monkeypox Test: Know The Difference

COVID-19 and Monkeypox virus infection, both come with a set of similar symptoms, such as sore throat, fever, etc. Experiencing these symptoms during this time can make you worried about your health. However, the one step that you need to take when experiencing these symptoms is to get tested. But test what? COVID or Monkeypox? Read the difference between the two testing procedures COVID Vs Monkeypox HERE.

COVID Updates: India Logs 8,813 New Cases, 29 Deaths In 24 Hours

In the last 24 hours, the country has logged a total of 8,813 new cases of COVID-19 infections, taking the country's total tally to 4,42,77,194, while active infections have declined to 1,11,252. According to the latest data shared by the Union Health Minister, the country's total COVID death toll has climbed to 5,27,098 with 29 more fatalities, including one death reconciled by Kerala. Read more about the COVID surge HERE.

Pandemic Far From Over, People Must Follow Safety Protocols To Stay Safe: Delhi LG

In the wake of a sudden surge in daily COVID-19 cases, Delhi Delhi Lieutenant Governor V K Saxena on Tuesday said the pandemic is far from over and appealed to people to adhere to Covid-appropriate behaviour. Taking to social media, Saxena said, "We are witnessing a rise in COVID19 infections, consistently high positivity & cases of reinfection. It is essential that we realise that the pandemic is far from over. I appeal to all to strictly adhere to COVID Appropriate Behaviour. We cannot afford to let our guards down."

Langya Virus Detected In China Can Damage Liver: Experts Warn

The newly discovered zoonotic virus in China, also known as Langya Henipavirus (LayV) is classified as a biosafety level 4 (BSL4) pathogen. According to the study, Henipaviruses can cause severe illness in animals and humans, and can slowly damage the liver and kidney. Some of the warning symptoms of this virus infection are - fever, fatigue, cough, anorexia, myalgia and nausea. Read more about the Langya virus HERE.

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