Chennai-based banker gets a $100,000 golf-ball sized pump to replace his heart

C. Sathish Kumar, a Chennai based banker has had a pump worth $100,00 installed in order to perform the functions of his heart. Kumar had no other option, as it would have taken 3 months before a heart transplant could be made available to him.

A month ago, Kumar collapsed in his car while driving home after having dinner with his family. Fortunately for him, a lab technician from Fortis Malar Hospital heard the family s cry for help and revived him using on-the-spot cardiopulmonary resuscitation. After which, he was taken to the hospital where he received 150 shocks in order to stabilize his heart.

Diagnosed with end-stage heart failure, or dilated cardiomyopathy, Kumar s heart was unable to pump blood. Since a heart transplant would take too much time, Kumar was offered a golf-ball sized pump (known as HVAD) which would take over the heart s function. The pump would allow him to live for 10 years, just like people who had undergone the surgery elsewhere in the world.

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Kumar s recovery was quick and he is expected to be back in office by October.

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