Cheap blood pressure pill could cure dementia!

diet pillsResearchers have suggested that Amlodipine, a 4 pence-a-day cheap blood pressure capsule, could potentially help in beating vascular dementia that results from problems with the blood supply to the brain.

To test their hypothesis, scientists at the Queen's University Belfast will be holding a two-year 2.25 million-pound trial of the drug on almost 600 dementia patients, the Daily Express reported.

Previous smaller-scale studies have reported that blood pressure drugs help lower the risk of dementia, but the new study will specifically test the effects of Amlodipine. In the study, researchers will examine if a 10mg daily dose can prevent the disease pro gressing and improve memory by protecting brain cells with improved blood supply. (Read: 10 conditions that ail the elderly)

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What is BP?

It refers to the pressure exerted by flowing blood on the arterial walls. The difference in blood pressure between two points is what helps your blood flow. Mean blood pressure decreases as we move away from the heart. Very high or low blood pressure usually indicates some sort of health problem. High BP or Hypertension indicates that the heart is working too hard and is linked to strokes, heart attacks, aneurysm and chronic kidney disease. Low BP (hypotension) on the other hand leads to vital organs not getting enough oxygen or blood. (Read more..)

What is dementia?

Dementia refers to a group of degenerative mental diseases in which there is a serious loss of cognitive function which goes beyond normal ageing. Symptoms include confusion, mood swings, long-term memory loss and a gradual loss of bodily functions. Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia. It is caused due to plaque deposition in the brain's neurons which affects its functioning and causes it to die. Why this happens is still not clear though research suggests it's linked to genetic susceptibility and mental age. (Read more..)

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