Centre to restructure child nutrition plan

A restructured integrated child development scheme (ICDS) will be rolled out in the 12th Plan, with aim to reduce under-nutrition in children under three years of age. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs Monday approved the plan with estimated financial implications of Rs.123,580 crore. The restructured ICDS will be rolled out in the next three years, starting from 200 high burden districts identified by the government.

The flagship scheme which focuses on maternal and child health and nutrition, will now specially focus on enhancing early development and learning outcomes in all children below six years of age, improved care and nutrition of girls and women, and reducing by a fifth the anaemia prevalence in young children, girls and women. Child nutrition remains one of the biggest problems in India. According to a UNICEF study, over16.55 lakh children under five passed away due to undernutrition in India.

Source: IANS

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