CBSE Results 2015: 10th board exams to be declared on 27th May

Worried about your results? Here are tips to kick stress away and stay positive!

Update: CBSE 10th Board exams will be declared on the 27th May 2015 .

Board exams are a biggest milestone in everyone's life. It's the beginning of our careers and is the time we decide what we want to be in our and act towards it. CBSE 10th board exam results will be declared today (21st May) and the pressure has already mounted not only on the students but also the parents.

Phone calls and questions from long lost relatives and estranged neighbours especially peak at times of results and this builds unnecessary pressure on students. However, it is important to realise that success and failure are a part and parcel of life and these just depend on how you define them. You can check your 10th board exam results at

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At such times, it is best to stay calm and relaxed. It's easier said than done but these tips will help you:

1. Talk it out: Whatever you are feeling, stress, anxiety, depression, just blurt it out to your parents. You will immediately feel better. Realise that they want the best for you and talking to them will help you. If you are feeling low on confidence, talk to your favourite teacher or a counsellor. This will boost your confidence. Also, take someone along to check your results. Be it your friends, parents or siblings avoid checking the results alone.

2. Stay positive: Whatever happens, happens for the best. Remember this. Stay confident and believe in yourself. Even if you didn't fare as well as you expected, remember there's always a next time that you can prove yourself. Don't let that little setback get to you.

3. Exercise: Don't mope around, breathe some fresh air. Go out for a walk or a jog. It is best to go for a swim; it is a hot summer anyway! Exercise releases stress fighting chemicals in your body and helps you relax instantly.

4. Read a book/paint: Whatever your hobby is, go ahead do it. Read that mystery novel you always wanted to read or paint a nice bright picture, That might just lift your mood. If you love playing video games, go ahead, kill those terrorists in counter strike! Whatever it is, have fun, result stress should not stop you from having fun.

5. Eat your favourite food: Food has the answer to everything. Grab that pizza slice or your favourite ice-cream. If you are feeling low indulging in some comfort food, might just ease the stress. But, don't over-eat, after all, you have to enjoy your passing out party!

If you still don't feel relaxed, here are some tips from an expert to help your cope with result-related stress.

Parents, if your children have fared badly and are not able to cope with it, here are a few tips for you to help your child deal with stress.

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