Case Study: His obsession with '5' hampered his quality of life

Ritualistic behaviors are very time consuming and can take a real toll on the person suffering from them.

Psychological conditions are all too unique. Each one's condition, reaction and solution is a different one. And this is so because everybody has a certain way of thinking and the reaction depends on multiple factors.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is one such condition that could be posed with a variety of symptoms to you. It is, a disorder where in you perform a set of actions in a compulsive way since you are obsessed with that habit!

Bhakti Thakkar Bauva, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi tells us about one such unique case study. A 12-year-old posed with unique set of symptoms. Read: 3 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD myths busted by an expert!

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Vihaan Sharma (name changed) indulged in very strange ritualistic behaviours. He was obsessed with the number '5', for unknown reasons. His fixation with the numerical made him do each activity 5 times- For example, applying soap 5 times during bath, wiping his body 5 times, reading something 5 times, etc. He needed to go around a building 5 times before he could enter. He had other ritualistic obsessions too, checked locks, washed hands, chewed food- particular number of time before swallowing, compulsively, walking in a certain pattern, etc.


'Each OCD patient is unique in themselves, as mostly each of them has a different set of symptoms, or a different presentation of the same symptoms. If he did not, it would lead to a great amount of anxiety. So, these repeated tasks were an attempt to curtail anxiety. Ritualistic behaviors are very time consuming and can take a real toll on the person suffering from them.' Read: Four steps to deal with OCD and prognosis

All these rituals needed to be done for him, otherwise he feared that it would lead to a negative outcome. This led him to feel anxious and responsible, as he felt that he had a major responsibility.

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