New ‘clip’ introduced to treat heart failure

Yes, it's a tiny clip that inserted in your heart which regularises the blood flow in and out of the heart and reduces the chances of death due to heart failure!

Could you imagine a clip to be regularising the blood flow in your heart? Well, even we couldn t. But a new research could be the answer to deaths by severe heart failures. According to leading daily newspaper, researchers recently concluded that a tiny clip, which can be inserted in the heart, has a good chance of fighting and reducing the number of deaths by heart failures.

As per the researchers, this new device, called MitraClip, has been made to make the valve regulate blood flow in and out of the heart. For the study, trials were conducted on 614 patients in the US and Canada who had suffered from severe heart failure.

The participants were divided in two random treatment groups one with the MitraClip and medical treatment and the other with just the medical treatment.

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At the end of the study, the team said that the results were unexpectedly optimistic . The findings saw that those who were on only medical treatment, 151 were hospitalised for heart failure in the next two years and 61 of them died. On the flip side, those who were both on the clip and medical treatment, only 92 were hospitalised and 28 died.

Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the study also added that patients with the clip didn t need additional hospitalisations and saw a drastically improved quality of life with fewer symptoms.

As far as India is concerned, this clip could be a boon for the country, as cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death around the world and in India as well. It caused more than 2 1 million deaths in India in 2015 at all ages, or more than a quarter of all deaths. And experts have also said that Indians get a heart attack 8-10 years earlier than any other ethnic group. And Indians are predisposed to heart disease.

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