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Can one suffer from a relapse of swine flu?

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : February 26, 2015 7:23 PM IST

Heard the phrase What can t kill you makes you stronger. Well with a viral infection this saying seems to be an apt explanation. While the H1N1 epidemic is creating havoc and claiming lives, in case the body s own defence mechanism can defy this viral attack, one can win over the deadly flu. Here is how to improve your immunity to fight swine flu.

How the human body responds to viral infections

Viruses enter into the human body, either through the mouth, nose or any other opening. They need to invade a living cell in order to reproduce. In this way, they attack the healthy cells in the body, weaken immunity and spreads illness. The H1N1 virus is no different. With most virus attacks, the immune system of the body produces antibodies to nullify the effect of the virus and prevent the spread of an infection. In cases where the virus seems to be potent and deadly, it ceases to respond to the body s immune system, killing the host cells. This is how the H1N1 virus is attacking the immune mechanism of the patients affected with the same. Read to know if swine flu is completely curable.

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However, with corrective treatment and timely medication, it is possible to fight the invasion of the virus and regain good health. Once your system is able to fight the virus and your immunity is resurrected you become immune to that particular virus. So if you are cured of swine flu with corrective treatment, it is not possible to suffer from a relapse of the same virus. However, one can get re-infected with another mutated H1N1 virus and that s quite possible, informs Dr Prakash Jiandani, Director of Critical Care Unit, Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai. Here is all you need to know about the medications and treatments of swine flu.

Is there a better way to get protection from swine flu

Vaccination for influenza can help to a certain extent to fight the seasonal flu and probably limit the attack of the likes of H1N1. However, if you take a vaccine shot this year, it isn t going to save you from the clutches of a flu attack the next year. This is because it is possible that you acquire a viral infection the year next by a mutated virus. An influenza vaccine is developed every year, taking into account the strains of the virus that are predominant that very year. So the protection is limited to a particular period, explains Dr Jiandani. Can wearing a mask help you to fight swine flu?

It should be noted that the vaccine available is to fight an influenza attack and not H1N1 in particular. However, tetravalent vaccines are thought to provide some protection from swine flu too. Everything said and done, it is best to exercise all kinds of preventive measure to fight swine flu effectively. Here are 15 precautions every Indian should follow to keep off from a swine flu attack.

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