Broken jaw can’t keep Zac Effron away from the gym

Zac EfronActor Zac Efron's jaw may have broken his jaw following an accidental fall, but that hasn't stopped him from hitting the gym. Just four days after slipping on a puddle and getting stitches, That Awkward Moment star was spotted working out in Venice, California onThursday evening, reports 'He looked great,' said an onlooker, adding: 'But it was all business. He was concentrating on hitting the weights hard.'

Afron was wearing a long sleeved t-shirt and nylon pants. 'He seemed really pensive and was looking around to see who was looking at him,' the onlooker said of the actor, who completed a stint in rehab earlier this year. Efron refrained from moving his mouth, which was wired shut after the accident.

Ramona BraganzaEarlier, celebrity trainer and 3-2-1 workout pioneer Ramona Braganza had told us that Zac Effron is very committed when he steps into a gym and loves to train. She had written on our site, 'Zac EfronZac is 100 % committed when he steps into a gym and he loves to train. To get that chiselled look like his in Charlie St Cloud, try this. Variety is key when growing muscles and while doing push-ups can become monotonous, mix things up like changing the angle you perform push-ups at or even the number of push-ups you do. Try this warm-up. Start standing, then drop to the ground by doing a squat thrust and perform one push-up squat thrust to stand. Next, drop down and do the same but with two push-ups.'

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