Brittle nails to peeling nails: What your body is trying to tell you? Don't ignore these signs

Ever looked at a chipped, brittle, or black-lined nail and wondered why it looks that way? Well, it turns out that nail health is closely associated with how well your body is functioning in other areas.

It's easy to think that your nails are only for enhancing your overall beauty or have only a few purposes to serve. You may decorate, trim and paint them, but have you really looked at your nails their color, thickness, or texture? Well, if you haven't then you might want to. Your fingernail can tell you a lot about your inner health and the underlying problems such as anemia, skin cancer, etc. Here are five signs to look for in your nails that can reveal important information about your health.

Why are your nails changing its colour?

If your nails could talk, what would they say? Let's read their language using the signs and symptoms that carry important pieces of information about your overall health.

Yellowish: Sign of fungus

Your nails are supposed to be a nice shade of pink at the nail bed, when these nails turn yellowish, it can also be a side effect of excessive nail polish or acrylic nails. Some of the other health complications that your nails are trying to tell you to include smoking, diabetes, or respiratory diseases.

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White spots

Have you ever noticed small white dots over your nail bed? Well, these small, bright spots generally are the results of external trauma, generally caused by splinters. While they usually go away on their own, some white spots may also be caused by a fungal infection that may require treatment. Other possible causes of white spots on your nail beds include internal injury, allergic reaction, etc.

Uneven black lines

Black lines are significantly visible on your nail bed? These are also called a splinter hemorrhage, black lines (which can appear brown or dark red) look like splinters. They can appear multiple times. The most likely cause is a trauma to your nail, such as accidentally slamming a door on your finger.

What is causing your nails to change its texture and colour?

Brittle nails

Brittle nails can be a sign that you are suffering from anemia or thyroid. Anemia is a condition where your body lacks enough hemoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. Apart from this, the brittle nail can also be a sign of a thyroid disorder meaning your thyroid makes too many or too few thyroid hormones. These tyrosine-based hormones help regulate your metabolism, which is how your body converts the foods you eat into energy.

Pitting and grooving

People who often see a lot of dents on their nails may suffer from a sign of the skin condition psoriasis. Psoriasis is most commonly manifests as skin lesions but the disease can also damage the nails, and in some cases can make the nail fall off.

Peeling nails

Do you see your nails are getting peeled off? This can be due to some underlying health complications you are suffering from. They're sometimes a sign of a thyroid disorder or exposure to harsh chemicals, and sometimes, nail brittleness is simply a sign of aging. However, nails that break under very little pressure, can be a sign of a vitamin deficiency. Try to include superfoods in your daily diet which are extremely rich in vitamin A and vitamin C.

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